Refund & Returns Policy


  • If on delivery of the product, it is apparent that the product is damaged or has been tampered with, it is your right to not accept such item from our couriers.
  • Should you, upon opening the product, discover that it is damaged or has been tampered with or is not the product ordered, you must let know within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Should you not let know within the 24 hour period, it will be assumed that the product was damaged or altered after receipt thereof.
  • If the product stops working as required and intended by the manufacturer, then the standard manufacturers’ warranty will be enforced. will assist with this process.
  • If, after 7 days, a client has not expressed their dissatisfaction with the product, will assume that the customer is satisfied with the product and will no longer be liable for any faults or defects that may arise from use thereof. The standard manufacturers’ warranty will come into effect thereafter.
  • Should an item be returned and  found not to be defective, and if that was the reason it was returned, the customer will not receive a refund and the product will be returned to them at their own expense.